“Over the last 5 months, Reagan Investments has served as the contractor for the renovation of my own home at 517 Caswell Ave. in this same community. In that time, I have come to respect and admire the company’s quality work and familiarity with the older, historic neighborhoods near downtown Knoxville. They understand the zoning guidelines pertaining to these communities and intentionally work to guide property owners through the process of completing city-compliant restorations. Even beyond that, I feel that they have a genuine interest in seeing the overall restoration and revitalization of these historic neighborhoods back to their original beauty, including the beauty of the strongly interactive communities they foster.”

Kyle A

“We highly recommend Luke Wilkerson. We contracted Luke and his crew to replace our aged roof and repair/replace flashing along our chimney.  Upon first meeting Luke, we felt him to be dependable and trustworthy, and those first impressions were correct. The work was done with a genuine attention to quality at a good price in a timely manner. Over the course of the job, he provided clear explanations and was willing to make any changes in response to any of our concerns. We are happy with our roof and had a great experience working with Luke.”

Gerry & Graciela

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  • Winner of Knox Heritage 2010 Fantastic Fifteen Excellence in Preservation Rehabilitation for 2019 Washington Avenue
  • Winner of Knox Heritage 2015 Fantastic Fifteen Excellence in Preservation Rehabilitation for 2029 Gibbs Drive