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How We Work

Construction and renovation have enough variables; our process is not one of them. Throughout the planning, design, and building processes, we strive for clear communication and honest expectations.

Step 1 Let’s meet.

We start with a site visit where our team gets to know you and can accurately assess the scope of your project. In addition to getting a feel for the project, potential clients can evaluate us and determine if we are a good fit.

Within two weeks of the initial visit, we will estimate costs and deliver a ballpark figure. Because construction is always an inexact science, we do our best to deliver realistic financial expectations for a project with the understanding that design changes and other variables can alter the final cost.

Step 2 Let’s make a plan.

If you decide to proceed with us, a deposit reserves your spot on the schedule, and we are officially under contract. We will finalize a design plan including layout, measurements, construction method, materials planning, and thorough estimating. From here we can develop a budget and detailed written estimate based on finish selections and firm up bids with our shortlist of subcontractors. We will also do the requisite lead and environmental testing in order to address and budget for any issues in advance. 

If after Step 2, you decide to take our plan and go with a different contractor, there will be no hard feelings. In fact, that’s why we charge a flat rate for design. You can take advantage of our experience in solving tough layout and design issues while also keeping your options open. That being said, we love working with clients from conception to project completion and strive to make it an enjoyable experience that is both professional, relational cost.

Step 3 Let’s build.

Planning is complete and the construction schedule is finalized. Our detailed estimate becomes the contract and the work begins!

Give us a call to make an appointment.