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How We Work

Construction and renovation have enough variables; our process is not one of them. Throughout the planning, design, and building processes, we strive for clear communication and honest expectations.

Step 1 Let’s meet.

We start with a site visit where our team gets to know you and can accurately assess the scope of your project. In addition to getting a feel for the project, potential clients can evaluate us and determine if we are a good fit.  At this point we may be able to give a ballpark figure based on historical square footage costs.



Step 2 Let’s make a plan.

If you decide to proceed with us, we will sign a pre construction contract that may include the services of scope clarification, architectural plan consultation and value engineering, detailed estimating, and applications for zoning, historic overlays, and permitting.


Step 3 Let’s build.

Planning is complete and the construction schedule is finalized. Our detailed estimate forms the basis of a construction contract and the work begins!


Give us a call to make an appointment.